Aline P. Mora is Brazilian by heart and Londoner by choice. She is a passionate writer of strong and witty female leads and strongly believes on the power of a good book.

Growing up, she found some of her best friends and lived some of her best adventures inside the pages of a book. And, in time, she found solace in her own written word.

Now, after a decade of getting to know the most diverse type of people through her career in Marketing, Aline decided to follow her soul’s desire and dedicate herself to writing, wishing she can provide the same hope and joy that she found within her favourite books to all those that are brave enough to search for it.

When not obsessing over a new discovered book (which she does at all hours of day and night!), you will find Aline enjoying some quality time with her husband and son in their family home in London or engaging on days-long conversations over WhatsApp with her closest friends across the Atlantic.

Blazing Sunlight is the sequence to the Heir of Light and Dark Series and a story that she’ll ever keep close to her heart.
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